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Bryan and Becky talk the world of disney, and bring a bit of Disney magic to YOUR world, and help you experience a little more pixie dust on your next Disney vacation! A Walt Disney World Podcast
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Aug 31, 2015

This Week Bryan and Becky invite their good friend Brian Burke onto the show to share his family's Disney Vacation with us! If you want to hear how a good trip is planned and executed, make sure to check out this episode of 2 Cups Of Magic!!!


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Aug 25, 2015

This week Bryan and Becky tackle a new kind of show topic (for them) with their very first TOP 10!!!! In this Episode, they'll talk Souvenirs! 

Don't know what kind of souvenirs to expect when you walk onto Walt Disney World Property? Maybe this will give you some ideas! 


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Aug 18, 2015

This Week on 2CupsOfMagic, Bryan and Becky finish their "discovering Magic Kindom" series with Main Street U.S.A! 

There's so much to See, do, taste, and even smell on Main Street U.S.A! Come along one last journey with Bryan and Becky as they lead you on a step by step tour of this wonderful part of the Magic Kindom. Make sure you have a snack first tho, cause it's gonna make you hungry!!!


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Aug 10, 2015

This Week Bryan and Becky continue with their "walk-thru" series! At Walt Disney World's Magic Kindom, take a journey to Adventure Land! It's full of Adventurous attractions, daring experiences, and exotic treats and souvenirs! 


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Aug 1, 2015

After a little time off, Bryan and Becky come back with a show jammed packed with fun, information, and a little bit of Magic!

They continue their walk thru of the Magic Kingdom with Liberty Square and Frontier Land at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida. So come along for the ride whether you've been there a million times or never been at all, and hear what these magical lands have to offer you in means of attractions, shops, restraunts, and shows!


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